Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning my family came over and we had a big Christmas breakfast and opened gifts.

Alexis had a mountain of presents surrounding her by the time everything had been passed out.


(Also, don't you love the hat Santa brought her?)


Eric and I got Alexis this book, which I love.

read to me

Afterward, we headed to Knoxville where we celebrated with Eric's family.

Here is a shot of Lexi and Annie, Eric's mother.

baby and grandma

And Eric took this one of me and my little baby.

me and my baby

Once we finally got back home on Sunday, we started taking down all of the Christmas stuff. Lexi wanted to sit up and watch so we put her in her Bumbo.

Apparently, the busy weekend caught up with her.

passed out

I hope everyone had a marvelous holiday!!

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