Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday Fun

We went out this past Saturday with BJ and Amy to get our Christmas trees!


Amy holding a bundled Lexi.

lexi bear

BJ hefting his tree.

When we got home, we set up our tree and then went over to BJ and Amy's house to set up theirs and have dinner. I sat Alexis up on the couch for a second and turned around to find her asleep!

asleep sitting up

Also, on Saturday I did a 12-hour photo project. One photo every hour for 12 hours.

12 hour project

Time on the play mat
Getting ready to go to the grocery store
Unload groceries and bebe from truck
Wash dishes/bottles
Sonic lunch in the car
Christmas tree farm! (with BJ and Amy)
Home Depot for lights and such
Setting up our tree
Setting up BJ and Amy's tree
Baked Potato Soup for dinner
Help decorate BJ and Amy's house for Christmas

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